Top 10 banks in Bangladesh

The economic success of any country depends on the banking industry. It can be addressed as an indicator to measure and understand a nation’s economic growth level. Bangladesh has grabbed a powerful influence on the banking industry, and modern trade relies on a well-managed banking system. We are going to give you the list of top 10 Banks in Bangladesh.

Banks not only serve the custodians of public finance but also reign the country’s economic stability. The banking sector has become significant for being globally connected with its bank-based services.

The Bangladesh Bank regulates banks which is the country’s central bank. This article will point out the best 15 banks in Bangladesh based on their qualities and services. So keep reading; we hope you get the best banking experience!

Here are the list of top 10 Banks in Bangladesh

1. HSBC Bank:

HSBC Bank won the 2021 Asian Banking and Finance Award for the International Retail Bank of Bangladesh. With the motto to open up a world of opportunities, HSBC Bank has interconnected countries.

The power of globalization in banking has paved the way for global business and connected more than 40 million customers. Furthermore, this foreign Bank put its mark in Bangladesh with some great offers.

The offers include consumer banking, commercial banking, and some more financial services. The network of HSBC bank is extensive, and 64 countries are under this broad network.

More information about HSBC Bank:

  • Establishment: It started its journey in Bangladesh in 1966
  • Office Location- 186, Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Ali Road, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208
  • Contact number- +880-966-633-1000, +880-961-277-1000
  • Website–

2. Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

The mobile banking system came to Bangladesh for the first time by Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited. Likewise, this bank brought the mobile phone banking service Rocket. It is a private and one of the best banks in Bangladesh.

To accelerate the mobile banking system in Bangladesh, Dutch Bangla bank released Nexus Pay. It is an official Android application that gives you a fully cardless solution. With this Internet gateway system, merchants and customers can exchange money online with this system.

M Sahabuddin Ahmed is the founder of this Bank and also the first chairman. DBBL has spread its services all over the world with more than 400 merchants. Earlier, this Bank only donated for social purposes. They were one of the biggest donors in Bangladesh.

More information about Dutch Bangla Bank

  • Office Location-Sena Kalyan Bhaban, 4th Floor, 195 Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh
  • Email address–
  • Contact Number– +880 2 9574196-97

3. Sonali Bank Limited

Sonali bank is one of the best banks in Bangladesh under the governance of the state. Its establishment took place in 1972 when orders came from the Bangladesh Bank. It has been working since then and has spread its 1218 branches in the corners of Bangladesh. Sonali Bank is one of the old leading banks of this country.

Above all, this Bank carried out its nation-building tasks as an entirely state-owned bank by conducting government-entrusted varied socio-economic programs and financial market activities on its initiative, covering all aspects of the economy. Sonali Bank was the first one to sign with PayPal.

More Information about Sonali Bank Limited:

  • The chairman of this Bank is Ziaul Hasan Siddiqui, and the MD and CEO are Obayed Ullah al-Masud.
  • In 2007 Sonali Bank became a Public Limited Company where the state owns 100% ownership. It is now Sonali Bank Limited.
  • Office Location– Motijheel, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Email
  • Contact Number– +880 2 9550426-31, 33, 34, 9552924
  • Website–

4. Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd

Islami Bank is the Bank that follows which follows Islamic Shari’ah in South East Asia. It started while 1983. Islami Bank began its services in Bangladesh as Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL).

It is a private bank. It has 342 branches all over the country, ensuring equity and justice in all economic activities by implementing a welfare-oriented banking system.

The Economist wrote that Islamic Bank was a forerunner in economic development for Bangladesh. It follows the Islamic constitution to deliver services that adhere to strict norms and restrictions.

This Bank is achieving shared prosperity and inclusive growth through diversified investment operations, particularly in the country’s priority sectors and underdeveloped areas. They’ve been working to prove it since the beginning.

More Information about Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd:

  • Office Location– Islami Bank Tower, 40 Dilkusha Commercial Area- Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh.
  • Email Address–
  • Contact Number– +880 2 9563040, 9560099, 9567161, 9567162, 9569417

5. BRAC Bank:

With the vision to help and uplift small and medium enterprises, BRAC bank started its journey in 2001. BRAC Bank became the investor for the unbaked people when other banks did not provide them any help. This Bank grew up following the footsteps of its parent NGO Company BRAC.

The founder of BRAC Bank is Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, and Mr. Selim RF Hussain is the CEO, MD. Uniquely, 3P (People, Planet, and Profit) is the philosophy that drives this Bank to work for the people and be the umbrella they need.

This dynamic organization is standing proudly today since its birth with the core values at its heart. BRAC Bank also became the only Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) member from Bangladesh.

More Information About BRAC Bank:

  • This Bank provides Financial Services Banking
  • Office Location– 220/B Gulshan, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1208
  • Contact– +8802 8801301-32
  • Website–

6. Janata Bank Limited

Another commercial bank governed by the state is Janata bank. It is the second-largest commercial enterprise owned by the Bangladesh government. This Bank was born in 1972 under the name United Bank Limited.

Later with some change in the title, it became Janata bank Limited. This bank today has 913 branches inside the country. Government employees get many opportunities from this Bank. Also, there are four branches in the UAE.

Moreover, some of their bank services are:

  • Banking services,
  • Corporate banking,
  • Consumer banking, and
  • Investment banking.

More Information about Janata Bank Limited:

  • The chairman of the Bank is Luna Shamsuddoha
  • More than 12,391 employees work here regularly
  • Office Location– 110 Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh
  • Contact Number– 9560000 9566020, +880 2 9552078, 9556245-49
  • Email Address–
  • Website–

7. Standard Chartered Bank

The oldest international Bank in Bangladesh is Standard Chartered, operating since 1905. Its first branch was in Chittagong back in 1984.

It is the largest bank in this country that is international. Henceforth, retail banking, cash management, foreign currency exchange, securities services, lending, treasury are some of their services.

They also provide services and products in trade finance, debt capital markets, and finance. Standard Chartered Bank has 24 branches and booths and 94 ATMs.

It is Bangladesh’s only international bank with outposts in six cities. It was the first foreign bank to grant credit lines to the province in 1972.

More Information about Standard Chartered Bank:

  • Almost 1900 employees work here
  • It offers a wide variety of Shariah-compliant products through Standard Chartered Saadiq, our Islamic Banking division.
  • It is a non-government bank.
  • Office Location– 67 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.
  • Contact Number– + 880 2 8833003 – 4
  • Email address–
  • Website–

8. Prime Bank Limited

Prime Bank Limited, a highly regulated commercial bank, offers various financial products and activities, including commercial, industrial, and personal banking.

It is a Scheduled Bank under a Banking licensee by Bangladesh Bank, the country’s Central Bank. Estimated 3,090 people are working full-time in this bank, and its office is in Dhaka.

Their services include Islamic, MSME, Wholesale, NRB, and Consumer Banking. Prime Bank has its name on the list of stock exchanges in Dhaka and Chittagong. Prime Bank began its operation on April 17, 1995, after its incorporation under the Companies Act of 1994.

In 2013, the Bangladesh Premier League cricket competition had Prime Bank as the title sponsor. They are also the owners of the Prime Bank Cricket Club.

More Information about Prime Bank Limited:

  • Office Location- Adamjee Court Annex Building 2, 119-120 Motijheel C/A, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh.
  • Contact Number– +880 2 9567265, 9570747-8
  • Email Address–
  • Website–

9. Eastern Bank Ltd

Eastern Bank Limited is a Dhaka-based private commercial bank. It was founded as a public limited corporation on August 8, 1992, over 28 years ago.

It has a list of shares on both the Dhaka and Chittagong stock exchanges. In general, Eastern Bank offers a variety of products and services. It has about 85 branches, 200 ATMs, and 3000 workers spread over the country.

Eastern Bank Limited plans to open an overseas branch in India. It will be their first foreign branch outside Bangladesh. This Bank also has a subsidiary department in Hong Kong and a representative office in Myanmar.

More Information about Eastern Bank Ltd:

  • Office Location: 100 Gulshan Avenue Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.
  • Contact Number: + 8809666777325
  • Email address:
  • Website:

10. AB Bank Limited

Another significant private bank in Bangladesh is AB BANK. This Bank is the first joint Bank in Bangladesh running since 1981.

Their journey began 38 years ago with the office right here in the capital city, Dhaka. The original name of AB Bank was Arab Bangladesh Bank at first.

Later on November 14, 2007, they got approval from the Bangladesh Bank and changed their name to AB Bank.

The Bank purchased Cashlink Bangladesh in 2014. Currently, the customers are delighted with the services and got rid of payment-related issues.

More Information about AB Bank Limited:

  • Office Location– BCIC Bhaban, 30-31 Dilkusha Commercial Area, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh.
  • Email Address–
  • Contact Number– +880 2 9560312
  • Website–


1. The City Bank

City Bank began with only one branch on B.B. Avenue in 1983 and today has 112 locations across the country.

It is one of the first private commercial banks in the United States. Notably, twelve young businesspeople founded this bank at the time, and it employs about 4500 people to this very day.

The Bank provides services and products in retail banking, digital banking, finance, women banking, SME Banking, equity brokerage, asset management, and security.

On the other hand, they changed their name from ‘the City Bank Limited’ to ‘City Bank’ in 2008, along with a new logo.

More information about The City Bank:

  • This Bank is that the sole franchisee of yank Express in Bangladesh
  • The owner of this Bank is Mr. Aziz Al Kaiser
  • Office Location– City Bank Centre, 136, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-2 Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
  • Contact– 02 58813126
  • Website–

2. Bank Asia Limited

In the list of top ten private commercial Banks in Bangladesh- Bank Asia is one of them. For the contribution in Green Banking Activities, Bangladesh Bank has given this recognition.

Especially this bank was the first Bank to acquire the Bangladesh operations of two foreign banks- The Bank of Nova Scotia in Dhaka and a well-known Pakistani bank- Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd (MCB).

In 1999, a group of young entrepreneurs began their quest, with 90 additional branches across the country, employing nearly 3,000 workers. Notably, Bank Asia Ltd.

keeps a vision to build a poverty-free Bangladesh. This Bank is a private sector commercial bank that provides a different range of banking services. Their green banking is an excellent initiative towards the green economy indeed.

More Information about Bank Asia Limited:

  • Established on November 27, 1999
  • The President and MD of Bank Asia Limited are Mr. Arfan Ali.
  • Contact Number-09617-016205
  • Office Location– Rangs Tower, 68 Purana Paltan, Dhaka 1000
  • Website–

3. Agrani Bank Limited

Agrani Bank is a government commercial bank in Bangladesh. A 12-member board of directors runs the bank’s administrative works led by a chairman.

The chairman of Agrani Bank is Zaid Bakth. There are approximately 13,269 people employed, and eventually, it has been able to create 960 branches.

Likewise, this bank offers various financial and insurance services and Corporate Banking, Consumer Banking, Investment Management, and Investment Banking.

The Bank’s authorized capital was 8 billion takas. They also own Agrani Bank Cricket Club.

More Information about Agrani Bank Limited:

  • The CEO of Agrani Bank is Mohammad Shams-Ul Islam
  • Establishment- March 26, 1972
  • Office Location– 9/D, Dilkusha Commercial Area, Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh.
  • Contact– 880-2) 9566153-54, 9566160-69,9566074-75
  • Website–

4. Grameen Bank

Grameen Bank is the Bank for underprivileged people of Bangladesh uniquely. Muhammad Yunus founded it as an independent bank in October 1983.

Before that, Muhammad Yunus attempted to propose this research project as a credit distribution system to offer rural residents banking services in 1976. To help the rural people, this Bank provides low-interest loans to persons in need. Most of the borrowers are among women, and the Bank embraced its growth between 2003 and 2007.

In 1998, Grameen Bank won the World Habitat Award for the “Low-cost Housing Program.” Muhammad Yunus, for his work, got the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.

More information about Grameen Bank:

  • It has 9.38 million members as of January 2021, with 97 percent of them being women.
  • With 2,568 branches, GB serves 81,678 villages, accounting for more than 93 percent of Bangladesh’s total villages.
  • Office Location– Grameen Bank Bhaban, Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh
  • Phone: +88 02 58055628, +88 02 9007596
  • Website–
  • Email:

5. Premier Bank Limited

Premier Bank Limited started as a banking firm in Bangladesh on June 10, 1999, under the Companies Act 1994, with the brand promise ‘Service First”.

Premier Bank has 104 branches in 29 districts that provide services presently. Services vary from financial services, Islamic banking, including loans, and universal exchange, among others.

It is a private commercial Bank. The Headquarters of Premier Bank Limited is in Banani, one of Dhaka city’s main commercial and business areas. Likewise, it is one of Bangladesh’s most well-known commercial private banks.

More Information about Premier Bank Limited:

  • Founded- 1999
  • Number of locations– 118 Branches, 10 Sub-Branches, 186 Agent Outlets
  • Office Location: IQBAL CENTRE, 42 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka-1213.
  • Tel: 16411(Mobile) or 09612016411(Overseas & Land Phone)
  • Website–

Final Thought

To sum up, the banking industry of Bangladesh accelerated the country’s economic growth a lot. Their contribution to our country and its people is significant altogether. In this article, we listed the best 15 banks of Bangladesh; there are many more private and public banks. Each bank has some unique features indeed. We hope this article would be helpful and you will find the best bank for you.

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