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15 Best Period Party Ideas – Let’s Throw a First Moon Party

Ladies and gents gather ’round because we’re about to dive into a topic that’s bloody brilliant – quite literally! It’s the Best Period Party Ideas! Now, before you raise an eyebrow or two, hear us out – there’s a reason to throw confetti, not just tampons when Aunt Flo comes to town. 

So, let’s talk about why it’s time to turn those monthly visitor blues into a reason to celebrate! Stay tuned for some unforgettable ideas that’ll make your period a party, not a problem.

Here Are The Top 15 Best Period Party Ideas

1. Period-Themed Decorations

Decorating for a period party is all about embracing the theme while keeping it fun and light-hearted. Think bold and vibrant, embracing the colors of menstrual flow. Red is the obvious choice, but don’t be afraid to mix it up with pinks, purples, and blues. Here are some decoration ideas that’ll leave your guests in awe:

Menstrual Art Gallery: 

Create artistic interpretations of menstruation. From abstract paintings resembling blood drops to tampon bouquets, your imagination is the limit.

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Bloody Balloons: 

Red balloons galore! Hang them from the ceiling, and don’t forget to make some look like tampons or pads – it’s a real hoot.

Period Banner: 

Craft a fun banner with cheeky period-related slogans. “Flow with the Glow” or “Crimson Carnival” are sure to get some laughs.

Bloody Tablecloth: 

Cover your tables with white tablecloths and use red paint to create bloody handprints for that extra dramatic effect.

Remember, the key is to make everyone feel comfortable and embrace the theme. It’s all in good fun, after all!

2. Menstrual Product Bar

What’s a period party without a fully stocked menstrual product bar? This is where you get creative with your favorite products. Your guests will appreciate the gesture, and it’s both practical and humorous. Here’s what you can include:

Tampon Towers: 

Arrange tampons in decorative containers, like mason jars or vases. They make for quirky and practical centerpieces.

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Panty Liner Platter: 

Set up a platter of colorful panty liners as if they were tasty hors d’oeuvres.

You can even add some condiment-style dips for extra giggles.

Pad Parade: 

Use pads to make a garland and drape it across the party space. It’s an unexpected decor item that will leave your guests in stitches.

Period Pamper Kit: 

Create kits that include a little bit of everything – tampons, pads, chocolate, and a small bottle of wine or a favorite beverage. It’s like a survival pack for your period.

3. Period-Positive Playlist

Music sets the mood, and in this case, it can make or break your period party. Creating a period-positive playlist ensures your guests are grooving and embracing the theme. Here’s how to curate the perfect playlist:

Period Anthems: 

Include songs that celebrate womanhood and strength. Classics like Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” or Beyoncé’s “Run the World (Girls)” are perfect choices.

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Retro Jams: 

Dig into some older tunes that have period-related lyrics. For example, Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” – it’s not about menstruation, but the theme fits!

Soothing Tunes: 

Not all the songs have to be upbeat. Add some calming tracks for moments when guests need a break from dancing.

Crowd Favorites: 

Of course, include your friends and your favorite songs. Everyone needs a chance to let loose and dance like no one’s watching.

4. Educational Games

Period parties aren’t just about laughter and fun; they can also be educational. Use this opportunity to break down some menstrual myths and have a few laughs along the way. Here are some games that’ll leave everyone both entertained and informed:

Period Pictionary: 

A classic drawing and guessing game with a twist. Instead of common words, use period-related terms. It’s a fun way to learn about the menstrual cycle.

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Period Jeopardy: 

Create a Jeopardy-style game with questions about menstruation. Have categories like “Menstrual Myths” and “Period Facts.”

Period Trivia: 

Divide your guests into teams and have a trivia quiz.

Questions can range from historical facts about menstruation to the science behind it.

Period Charades: 

Play charades with a twist. Use period-themed words, and get ready for some hilarious interpretations.

These games not only add an educational element to your party but also encourage open discussions about an often-taboo topic.

5. Period Cake or Cupcakes

A period party wouldn’t be complete without some menstrual-themed treats. You can either opt for a full-sized cake or make cupcakes. Here’s how to make them truly unforgettable:

Red Velvet Cake: 

The classic red velvet cake is a perfect fit for the theme. Add cream cheese frosting and use red food coloring for the complete look.

Free red velvet cake image

Strawberry Sauce: 

If you’re making cupcakes, fill them with strawberry sauce to create a “bloody” surprise when you take a bite.

Tampon Toppers: 

For some extra humor, you can craft edible tampon toppers using white chocolate and red food coloring. They’re sure to be conversation starter.

Period-Inspired Messages: 

Use icing to write witty period-themed messages on your cake or cupcakes. Be creative and get the laughs going.

6. DIY Menstrual Art

You’ve already embraced the idea of menstruation-themed decorations, but why not take it a step further with some do-it-yourself menstrual art? This creative activity not only adds a personal touch to your party but also allows your guests to express themselves through art. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Menstrual Mandalas: 

Provide guests with circular canvases, paint, and a variety of brushes. Encourage them to create their own menstrual mandalas, using colors and patterns to express their individuality.

Period Portraits: 

cotton tampons placed in shape of heart
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Challenge your guests to paint a self-portrait with a menstrual twist. The results can be both hilarious and thought-provoking.

Set up a “period portrait” station with blank canvases, paint, and brushes.

Tampon Art: 

Get playful with tampons by using them as paintbrushes. Dip the tampon in paint and let your creativity flow onto a canvas. You’ll be amazed at the unique textures and patterns you can create.

Menstrual Collages: 

Provide magazines, scissors, and glue, and encourage your guests to create menstrual-themed collages. They can cut out images, words, and phrases that resonate with their own experiences.

Once your DIY menstrual art is complete, you can display it as part of your party decor, turning your guests’ creativity into a focal point of the celebration.

7. Period Pampering Station

A period party should also focus on self-care and pampering. Create a period pampering station to help your guests relax and indulge during their menstrual cycles. Here’s how to set up the ultimate period pampering station:


Provide essential oils and diffusers with calming scents like lavender and chamomile to help alleviate period-related stress and anxiety.

composition of cosmetic bottle with pink rose petals and wooden plate
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Heat Therapy: 

Stock up on heating pads and hot water bottles. These can work wonders for relieving cramps and providing comfort.

Massage Corner: 

Set up a massage chair or an area where guests can enjoy back and shoulder massages. Consider inviting a professional masseuse to make the experience even more special.

Tea and Chocolate: 

Offer a selection of herbal teas and chocolate, known for their soothing properties during menstruation.

Pampering Kits: 

Create pampering kits with face masks, bath bombs, and scented candles. Your guests can take these home to continue their relaxation after the party.

The period pampering station ensures that your guests not only have a great time but also feel refreshed and cared for.

8. Period-Positive Books or Films

It’s time to incorporate a bit of education and entertainment into your period party. Include a selection of period-positive books and films that celebrate menstruation, female empowerment, and body positivity. Here’s a curated list to get you started:

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“The Period Repair Manual” by Lara Briden: 

This informative read discusses the science of menstruation and how to achieve hormonal balance.

“Period Power” by Nadya Okamoto: 

An inspiring book about period poverty and how young activists are making a difference.

“Periods Gone Public” by Jennifer Weiss-Wolf: 

A thought-provoking exploration of the menstrual equity movement.


“The Pad Project”: 

A documentary about the invention of a low-cost sanitary pad-making machine, transforming the lives of women in a rural Indian village.

“Period. End of Sentence.”: 

Another eye-opening documentary that addresses the stigma around menstruation in rural India and the effort to break the taboo.

“Hello, Flo”: 

A comedic web series that humorously tackles the awkward moments and challenges of having your period.

Including these books and films in your party can spark meaningful discussions and raise awareness about important period-related topics.

9. Period-Positive Guest Speakers

Why not take your period party to the next level by inviting period-positive guest speakers? These experts can provide valuable insights and engage your guests in thought-provoking conversations. Here are some suggestions for guest speakers:

Menstrual Health Advocate: 

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An advocate for menstrual health can discuss the importance of understanding one’s menstrual cycle, tackling taboos, and promoting period equity.

Holistic Wellness Expert: 

A wellness expert can share tips on how to manage menstrual symptoms naturally, including diet, exercise, and mindfulness.

Menstrual Product Innovator: 

Bring in someone involved in the development of innovative menstrual products, like reusable pads or menstrual cups, and discuss their environmental and health benefits.

Period Poverty Activist: 

An activist can shed light on the global issue of period poverty and how individuals can get involved to make a positive impact.

Guest speakers can add depth to your period party, inspiring your guests and fostering meaningful conversations about menstrual health and empowerment.

10. Period-Related Merchandise

To ensure your period party leaves a lasting impression, consider providing period-related merchandise as party favors. These items not only serve as fun reminders of the event but also contribute to the normalization of menstruation. Here are some merchandise ideas:

Period Pins: 

Design pins with humorous or empowering period-related slogans, encouraging guests to wear them proudly.

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Menstrual Mugs: 

Customize mugs with period-themed artwork and quotes for a daily reminder of the celebration.

Period Positivity Tote Bags: 

Create reusable tote bags featuring period-positive messages. They’re not only practical but also eco-friendly.

Period Art Prints: 

Turn some of the DIY menstrual art created during the party into prints that guests can take home as unique souvenirs.

Period-related merchandise adds a touch of authenticity to your event and ensures your guests remember it for years to come.

11. Supportive Discussion Circle

A period party isn’t just about games and fun; it’s also a chance to create a supportive environment where guests can share their experiences and feelings about menstruation. A discussion circle can be a safe and judgment-free space for open conversations. Here’s how to set it up:

Circle of Trust: 

Arrange chairs in a circle to encourage participation and inclusivity. Make sure everyone can see and hear each other comfortably.

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Appoint a moderator or facilitator to guide the discussion and ensure that it remains respectful and focused.

Discussion Topics: 

Prepare a list of topics related to menstruation, such as personal experiences, menstrual health, period product choices, and period stigma. Encourage guests to share their thoughts and stories.

Q&A Session: 

Allow guests to ask questions they might have about menstruation. This can be an informative and enlightening part of the circle.

The discussion circle fosters connection and understanding, helping your guests feel supported and valued.

12. Charity and Giving Back

In the spirit of empowerment and solidarity, consider incorporating a charitable aspect into your period party. It’s an opportunity to give back to those in need and make a positive impact. Here’s how you can make your period party charitable:

Donation Drive: 

Ask guests to bring menstrual products, which you can collect and donate to local shelters or organizations that support individuals in need.

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Fundraising Activities: 

Organize small fundraising activities during the party, with the proceeds going to charities that address period poverty and provide menstrual products to underserved communities.

Guest Speaker from a Charity: 

Invite a representative from a charity organization that works on menstrual health and period poverty to talk about their mission and how guests can contribute.

Adding a charitable element to your period party not only amplifies the positivity but also raises awareness about menstrual issues faced by many.

13. Photo Booth

Capture the unforgettable moments of your period party with a period-themed photo booth. It’s a fun and creative way to document the celebration. Here’s how to set up a period party photo booth:


Create a captivating backdrop that matches your party’s theme. You can use a red curtain, period-related decorations, or a fun backdrop featuring period-inspired artwork.

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Provide an array of props, such as fake blood capsules, oversized tampons, pads, and period-themed signs. Encourage your guests to get creative with their poses.

Camera and Printer: 

Use a digital camera or smartphone to take photos, and connect it to a printer. Guests can instantly print their photos as keepsakes.

Social Media Sharing: 

Encourage guests to share their photo booth images on social media with a unique party hashtag to spread the period party positivity.

A period party photo booth adds an extra layer of enjoyment and offers tangible mementos for your guests to cherish.

14. Period Party Invitations

The first step to a successful period party is sending out engaging and thematic invitations. The right invitation sets the tone for your event and gets guests excited. Here are some creative ideas for period party invitations:

Period Artwork: 

Design invitations with period-themed artwork or illustrations. This immediately communicates the theme of the party.

Period Poems: 

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Craft witty period-themed poems or rhymes to include in the invitations. They add a fun and playful touch.

Period Party Teasers: 

Include subtle hints about the party’s activities and theme to pique guests’ curiosity and enthusiasm.

Digital Invitations: 

Consider sending digital invitations, which allow you to incorporate animations and interactive elements, enhancing the excitement.

Remember, your period party invitations should be as unique and memorable as the party itself.

15. Period Party Keepsakes

To ensure your guests have something to remember the fantastic event by, provide them with period party keepsakes. These are small, themed tokens of appreciation that your guests can take home. Here are some keepsake ideas:

Period Party Pins: 

Design custom pins with clever period-themed slogans or artwork for your guests to wear or display.

Menstrual Stickers: 

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Create menstrual-themed stickers that guests can use on their laptops, water bottles, or notebooks.

Period-Inspired Keychains: 

Craft unique keychains with miniature tampons, pads, or other period-related items.

Period Party Thank-You Cards: 

Design personalized thank-you cards that include a message of gratitude for attending your special celebration.

Period party keepsakes are a lovely way to show your appreciation to your guests and provide them with lasting memories of your fun and empowering event.

FAQs About Best Period Party Ideas

What is a period party?

A period party is a celebration that marks the onset of menstruation in a girl’s life. It’s a fun and positive way to embrace this natural transition and reduce the stigma surrounding periods.

What are the benefits of having a period party?

Period parties offer several benefits, including promoting open conversations about menstruation, creating a supportive and empowering environment, educating girls about their bodies, and reducing period-related anxieties.

Why did I have a period party for my daughter?

Hosting a period party for your daughter is a way to celebrate her transition into womanhood. It allows her to feel loved, supported, and informed about the changes her body is going through, promoting a healthy self-image and self-esteem.

Are Period Parties a Good Idea?

Yes, period parties can be a great idea. They provide an opportunity to break the taboo surrounding menstruation, foster a positive attitude towards periods, and build a sense of community and understanding among girls and women.

What Should a First Period Party Involve?

A first-period party should involve fun activities, educational discussions, and supportive gestures. It can include games, period-themed decorations, educational materials, and the presence of trusted adults to answer questions and offer guidance.

Final Thoughts About Best Period Party Ideas

So, there you have it, the ultimate guide to celebrating Aunt Flo in style! Remember, a period party isn’t just about blood; it’s about bonding, laughter, and smashing taboos. Let’s make “that time of the month” a time of the year we look forward to. Cheers to confetti, not cramps!

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